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Reminiscing [27 Jul 2010|09:32pm]
I was incredibly bored this evening and this journal came to my mind as it does probably once a year or so. I remember how many of my college memories are cataloged here and can't help but want to go back in time and think back to that girl with the much simpler life. So many things on here seem foreign and like I'm reading the events of someone else's life. Although maybe my life wasn't much simpler. I remember all the dating drama, and perhaps it was more complicated a time than I tend to give it credit for. But at the end of the day, those were great years, and I'm glad the man I married was a big part of those years and I can reveal in those memories knowing that he was beside me on many occasions, laughing along with the friends I have the fondest memories of. Considering the miracle my life is currently experiencing, the baby growing inside of me, I can't easily say I would give anything to go back. Life may be harder now, but where it is worse, somewhere else it is also better. What I do wish, what I very often wish, is that time past could be a place just like any other place on the map, where you could plan a trip and if only for a long weekend, relive some great time in the past. Not to stay there and wish away the life I've built all these years later, but just a visit, to strengthen the memories of those events, to remember lessons learned, to see friends that you long ago lost touch with. Maybe it would be a curse to have that ability, maybe the past would be too difficult to leave, maybe the past isn't as great as we often remember it and our memories would be tainted with the truth of what really happened. I'm sure life is the way it is for a reason. So for now I will just continue to revisit this site from time to time and reflect on who I used to be, a girl I don't always remember, don't always understand but certainly sometimes miss.
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ugh [02 Dec 2008|08:23pm]
[ mood | melancholy ]

that was all...not like anyone still reads this since it seems it's been over 3 years since my last post...I doubt anyone still has the link to this...but yea that was all...maybe I will post more in the future if I am so inclined...

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angry enough to update! [29 Mar 2005|03:09pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

I recently heard a brilliant theory on the MCAT and the process of becoming a doctor that infuriated me. literally...i was pretty much fuming. the idea goes something like: if you have to study to take the test that gets you into medical school (the MCAT)...you shouldn't/aren't meant to be a doctor. wow. i never would have thought that people could dream up something like that. i think any one who believes this has no idea what the format of the MCAT is, what all it includes, what it REALLY takes to become a doctor, and these people should probably keep their ill informed mouths closed on a subject they don't fully understand. these are the various points on which i take huge offense to that statement...

A) the MCAT is a test of analytical ability...NOT of facts. going over the subject material gives you a basic foundation which one uses to approach the questions on the test...but rare are the questions that simply require regurgitating previously memorized facts. the MCAT takes it for granted that you know everything about physics, organic chemistry, general chemistry, biology, genetics and human physiology...and REQUIRES that you put many different concepts together for each and every question come test day.
B) the MCAT covers subjects which most people took a few YEARS before taking the test...which means they have probably forgotten formulas and the like, which will not necessarily be given on the MCAT, so it is pertinent to refresh yourself on those subjects. just because i knew the material years ago doesn't mean i will still be as sharp come test day...so it would be pretty stupid not to look over as much as possible to review things i learned a while ago in my college career.
C) if you want to try and waltz your way into medical school...be my guest, and if you think that the best doctors didn't study for their MCAT's...you are probably wrong 90% of the time. not only does pretty much everyone make some effort at studying for their MCAT, but if you aren't willing to put in some work to attain a high goal, THAT is when you don't deserve to be a doctor in my book. being a doctor will always require hard work since it's pretty important that doctors keep up with the newest advances in science and technology, and that means reading up on these subjects in their spare time. i would not want to meet a doctor that thinks their natural scientific abilities will make them them all knowing and completly capable of practicing science because it takes more than that. i actually talked to one of my doctors recently about taking the MCAT, and that doctor wished me luck and even shared a few 'horror' stories from their experience with the test.
D) any goal in life should take some work to achieve...else, what is the point. even if i don't make it into medical school, i will always look back on my life and know that i tried. i personally feel like i would be an idiot to go into this test (which by the way, pretty much determines my career path) casually, with the attitude of "well if i am meant to be a doctor...this should come naturally".
E) if we all are meant to do what is easiest for us, and most natural, then i guess one could say we shouldn't be held accountable for anything we do. all the ideals of Christianity wouldn't make much sense, considering it's natural for humans to sin. and i guess future lawyers shouldn't stress over the LSAT or the bar exam...no one should make an effort to study for their GRE...and basically we should all settle for what comes easiest and with the least amount of effort, because that is what we are destined and best suited to do. well i think that's the biggest load of crap i've heard in a long time. i really find it offensive to anyone trying to do something with their life, and by 'do' i mean make an effort to direct their life towards a specific goal.

if you don't agree with me, that is certainly your right, but please don't tell me about it. this is my online journal, and so, i feel like i have every right to vent my own opinions as much as i like. and speaking for a few pre med students also stressed about the MCAT right now, i know i'm not the only one who feels this way. this isn't really an all inclusive list, this is just what i felt like writing...i'm sure i could write more, but this is enough to make me feel as though i have spoken my mind...typed it at least. i believe that the best things in life don't come easily...they take hard work, and determination...and the people/persons this is aimed at reaching, i hope you read this and understand the point i am trying to get across. i try to be supportive in the endeavours of those around me, and it's sad that it can't be mutual.

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i don't wanna be left out [07 Jan 2004|08:34pm]
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an update?! [31 Dec 2003|05:09pm]
well, i was looking at old entries and realized my journal will probably get taken down if i don't update soon...it's new year's eve, and shell and i are going to spend it doing nothing at home ;P. adam's at the ranch making a few bucks before it's time to go back to school...he's coming to houston saturday and we are going back to waco tuesday i think. i'm kinda excited to get back, except my schedule is all crazy since i (somehow) passed ochem. a true christmas miracle. i'll figure it out once i get back to baylor. hmm, i had a great christmas...spent a few days before in longview with adam's family. i got a stocking and presents and it was great being there with his family =). then i came home and did a little variation from our usual tradition...it was so hectic coming home with only a few days to do all my christmas shopping, but it all worked out nicely. well, i think i'm supposed to get ready to go get some dinner with my family, so that's all for now, maybe i'll write it here again before too long ;P.
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this one's for adam [14 Nov 2003|11:14am]
You are a banana! Good job, captain obvious.

which rejected character are you?
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ho hum [21 Jul 2003|03:09pm]
[ mood | bored ]

my sister left for yearbook camp this morning (remember that place jae? ;P) so i'm pretty bored. i got to talk to adam all last week cause he didn't work for his grandfather at the ranch, it was nice =D. but now he is back until wednesday...then thursday he is coming to houston. it'll be very close to our 6 month so i'm taking HIM to dinner, against his will ;P and we have plans for the beach, the zoo, and even kemah with my family. so i'm very excited =).

but since shelly is gone until thursday, i have three days to spend with only eric and my mom. i'll probably spend a lot of the evening watching hgtv with my mom, unless she is up for some shopping =D. i spent most of the morning cleaning up my room, and reorganizing. now i'm doing laundry and watching an old 7th heaven. yipee ;P. i figure if i can make it til 5:30 when my mom gets home i'll be ok. it's very boring though without shelly to converse with. ah well.

so in other news...ae has a ton of new stuff that i want oh so badly. heh. and their underwear...jae have you seen it yet?! the plaid ones!? sigh. =)

yea i don't really have anything interesting to say. i just figured i'd update =). i think i'm gonna find something to eat and maybe read some. i really really really miss all my baylor friends =( i can't wait to see you guys! and to my soon to be roomies, i can't wait to get settled into our new apt together, we are gonna have sooo much fun in our spacious clean new apt =D. no more peanut butter knifes katie! heh. well that's all for now.

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carly...and a survey? it's crazy i know! [03 Jul 2003|12:21pm]
* ? future
[do you want to get married] definetly
[if so, what age would you like to be married] in another two or three years
[who will you marry] adam =)
[what do you want to do when you grow up] become a doctor, raise a family
[where will you live] i think somewhere smaller/safer than houston...maybe a suburb outside of dallas?
* ? favorites
[food] cheese enchiladas
[movie] i have lots of em...donnie darko, igby goes down, the royal tenenbaums, legally blonde (1 & 2), ever after
[tv show] friends of course =)
[beverage] wild cherry pepsi
[alcoholic beverage] none thanks
[subject] since i'm a nerd, maybe physics?
[teacher] o brien was super cool at baylor, favorite hs teacher was persails
[radio station] none really, but i like the edge when i'm in dallas
[book] wuthering heights, jane eyre, the perks of being a wallflower
[holiday] christmas
[sport] to play tennis, to watch probably hockey
[fast food] taco bell!
[color to wear] hmm, 'the blue'?
[number] 26
[place to eat] cracker barrel!
[ice cream flavor] birthday cake =D
* ? other questions
[do you drink] nope
[do you smoke] no way jose
[do you consider yourself attractive] i'm alright i suppose?
[do you consider yourself a nice girl/boy] i think so
[do you have a cd burner] yes
* ? the last
[thing you ate] cereal
[thing you drank] milk from the cereal
[song you heard] something from machina by smashing pumpkins
[show you watched] saved by the bell! the one where jesse takes pills so she can study and perform that cheesy song!
[thing you said] *sigh* when i woke up and it was raining (i'm the only one awake so i haven't really been talking much this morning)
[person you saw] shelly
[person who called you] my mom last night
[person you called] adam =)
[person you hugged] adam =)
[last car you rode in] my own, 2003 alero
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helloooooo la la la [01 Jul 2003|01:03am]
i figured since i update less than jae, and she's in france...and i'm here doing nothing, maybe i should post something, even if it's just so my journal doesn't get deleted ;P.

actually, there is something i wanted to post, since i can't see my baylor buds yet...i chopped off my hair =D. it was getting soooo long and i couldn't take it anymore, so now it's short and so cute...just a little above my shoulder. the haircut lady styled it all flipped out for me and it looked SO good...i haven't figured out how to make it look that good yet, but she had one of those attachments on her blowdryer to make the heat come out in a line...i think that would help curl it...anyhoo, i'm so happy with it. adam was here when i got it done, and he really really likes it too, he says it makes me look older.

well besides my haircut, i got my teeth cleaned, found out i have a cavity, which i'm getting filled tomorrow...and i'm going to longview this weekend to visit my sweetheart(WOOHOO!!!). oh i'm also addicted to the reality show 'for love or money'...i was hestitant at first, but all the plot twists, omg, it's great heh.

so things are all really good, lots of lazy days, shopping with shelly, visits to longview. still no job or summer school, but there isn't really time to find a job, and my dad has quite a few problems right now, so i'm letting summer school slide again until next summer. yea, the fourth of july marks a whole YEAR since i've seen my dad. it's crazy, but stuff with this new job isn't working out like they said it would, so money is a little too tight to send me and shelly up there...which definetly sucks, but hopefully i'll get to see him before the summer's over. but overall things are good, i miss adam a ton, but we are still going strong =), and it's nice to be home spending some time with my family. especially since this next year is going to be super busy, and i think this is my last summer at home...scary thought, it could be my LAST time living at home for longer than a few weeks. crazy ;P.

well that's enough for now, i have to type super hard on shelly's keyboard to get spaces and certain letters to show up...and conan is on =D, conan is so cool. alright, hope everyone is having a great summer, i miss my future roomies, future neighbors, and all my other baylor friends =) hope ya'll are all doing well...ciao!
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le sigh [03 Jun 2003|04:05pm]
summer is going alright, i won a shopping spree to ikea, that's like...a dream come true ;P since my dad doesn't know when he is coming home, or when he wants us to come visit him i can't a) get a job, or b) probably take summer school...because he doesn't know anything for certain, i can't make any concrete plans...which sucks in a way...i'd like something to do.

i'm picking up my mom from work to go to ikea, i think she is the happiest about the shopping spree, she's made us go like 10 times since we won it, haha. besides being bored alot, i suppose things are going pretty good, home is pretty relaxing. of course i miss adam a ton ;P but with so much time at my diposal, i can visit at least. i also have time to go see a doctor and a dentist for some check ups =( that's no fun though...heh, but necessary, and something to hard for me to remember during the school year.

well...better get dressed and all so i'm not late picking my mom up...i don't know when i'll update again, hardly anything changes for me day to day ;P and i'm pretty lazy lately heh. hope everyone is having a super summer =)
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ugh finals [09 May 2003|12:43pm]
[ mood | relieved ]

for the most part my finals are over with, thankfully. now if only my brit lit teacher hadn't given us a stupid take home assignment i'd be done with my sophomore year. 2 5 page essays away isn't too bad though. it's been a stressful couple of days, adam is so wonderful even when i'm stressed. the thought of studying anymore yesterday after my italian final seemed like the very epitome of hell. if that word works there. anyhow, over now.

i never ever write in here. i still have plenty to say but i just never want to type it all up. i have better things to do these days. it's almost time to move out of my very first apartment, and i'm not sad at all, except with that accompanies leaving waco and adam for a bit =(. but i don't like this place. bleh. this room has been like a prison ;P mostly cause when i have to study hard i lock myself in it. i will be so happy next year in our new clean apartment with the best room mates ever, and the best neighbors ever, the boys! i'm so glad paul is included with the 'aaron and cory' household, makes things so convienent. and they are gonna right across the hall, could it be anymore like 'friends'? hehe.

well i just figured i would add a little something in case anyone wonders what happened to me. i'm doing very well, happy that the school year is over with. chem was no fun =(. but alas, it's time to go eat lunch now...stina if you read this, i just saw your 'i'm not dead' entry...email me sometime, i gotta hear about this guy...and what's the situation with bonnie and linh?

bye for now ;)

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[26 Apr 2003|06:47pm]
[ mood | content ]

life is good. that is all. =D

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been a long time... [21 Mar 2003|11:53am]
[ mood | relaxed ]

hmm i don't write in here nearly as much as i used to. which is fine with me. it's friday afternoon and the only class i have left is italian, which will be easy enough today...so i'm feeling very relaxed.

i found out yesterday that shelly is valedictorian of her class right now =D. she's still got her senior year to keep her gpa up...but it's like a 4.7 or something right now, so i think she's set. heh it's gonna be fun to watch her make a speech =) but being in decathalon, she will get some practice ;P. i wonder if she knows yet that that is one of the 10 events. muahaha.

let's see...spring break was great, well the last half for sure ;P. my original plan was to just go to houston and spend time with the family...but i got home and shelly was at her boyfriend's grandparent's lake house until tuesday night...and jennifer was taking eric (my nephew) to her mom's house for the entire week. =(. so i got the weekend to play with eric and come monday morning, the house was empty. it sucked =(. tuesday i was all alone too...until shelly got home that night. and since i was/am broke i couldn't really go anywhere, cause anywhere in houston means at least a bit of gas ;P. but me and adam decided i would go to longview for the second half of spring break since home wasn't working out so well...i spent wednesday shopping with shelly and then thursday afternoon set out for longview...i had a really great time meeting adam's like, entire family ;P and a ton of his friends. we are going back to longview next weekend to see denise in 'annie' =). i'm excited, i really liked being at his old 'stomping grounds'. heh.

hmm...we watched a clockwork orange yesterday night, cause after reading the book i wanted to see it again...the first time was with shelly quite a few years back...and apparently, the massive amount of nudity and overall weirdness of the movie escaped my memory...oh well ;P. stanley kubrick was a crazy guy.

i read the hobbit over the break, which offically makes me a nerd =). but that's fine. i have to go blow dry my hair now and get ready for lunch. =D

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*sigh* [03 Mar 2003|11:56am]
[ mood | content ]

i had the best best best weekend with adam and my family in houston. my family really adores him, eric tried to get me to leave adam with him and go back to baylor alone. friday my mom took us to dinner and later me and adam doubled dated with shelly and ryan at house of pies...saturday we dragged him to deerbrook and ikea =) but the mall had a photo booth, and he didn't believe they still existed...and ikea had some stuff he liked for his room =). the bk concert saturday night actually wasn't that great...between the hot smokey atmosphere (which i can usually ignore), interpretative dancers eyeing my boyfriend...and bk sounding very high...i dunno, it didn't beat the last show i guess. sunday we just sat around my house, playing with eric and watching the teenage mutant ninja turtles 2 movie.

i'm so crazy about adam =). i'm glad the weekend was so much fun, and i can't wait to switch and meet his family =).

the only downside to the weekend was coming back into waco only to cram for a chem test. honestly, i have no idea how i did. i hope i didn't do as bad as the first test =(. but i have three more chances to make good grades, and seriously seriously i'm going to keep up with this class better even though i hate it....ah well, i'm just glad the test is over now...

so all in all i had a wonderful time this weekend, i'm actually not looking forward to spring break really =( but anyway...i should go read for brit lit now...

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it's been awhile... [20 Feb 2003|11:14am]
[ mood | happy ]

i woke up wanting very badly to skip brit lit, and excepting the hope of getting my essay back today, i would have. so i get up, get dressed, get out in the rain, and about tidwell, run into a kid in my class who informs me class is cancelled =D. so now i'm back home, and i figured i'd catch in here a little bit.

i don't really have alot of free time on my hands these days...if i'm not with adam, i'm studying, or i'm just not here...it's nice. even though i'm never at home, just sitting here at the computer anymore, it's fine with me, cause it's not like i have some hectic schedule, if i'm with adam, then i'm happy and not stressed out and all...so it's great. the past couple of weeks have been just great...

i got my new car =D. which makes me very very happy. since it's another alero, this time silver, the second i started it up, i forgot about the whole nightmare which put me in the place to get another one...the headache is over. and i'm so glad it's another alero, it just feels like me. adam says i should name it 'lee' so it's carly's car, 'lee'. get it? heh.

what else is new...since i've got wheels again, i'm going home for ben kweller, as i had long promised shelly i would. i think a group is going to the show in dallas, but not only would shelly hate me if i bailed on her, i also miss home SO much. plus...i'm bringing adam home =D. i can't wait for him to meet eric! hehe.

never ever see the movie 'a guy thing'. i promise, you'll regret it, after the complete lack of plot becomes apparent, you'll want to shoot yourself. i promise.

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=D [14 Feb 2003|02:50am]
[ mood | bliss ]

carly <3 adam

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amazing [09 Feb 2003|02:16pm]
[ mood | high ]

i've spent this whole weekend with adam. watching tv, watching movies, it's been absolutely wonderful. last night confirmed that he is the best guy in the world. and i am definetly the luckiest, happiest girl to have him.

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ugh this week... [07 Feb 2003|08:41am]
[ mood | stressed ]

as far as studying goes, this week was hellacious. right now, i'm awaiting taking my last stupid test of the week, and basically, i'm only going on the off chance that my guessing skills are at an all time high this morning. i didn't study hardly any for this test, mostly because i got sick last night. which teaches me a valuable lesson, although studying for chem the night before works for the most part...on the off chance i get sick again the night before a test, i'm going to just start keeping up with my chem studying. as adam, my now official boyfriend, would say 'blam'. ;P but yea, there are very few questions on the test i will know how to answer, i know i'm gonna want to cry when i finish, but oh well...we can drop the lowest grade and from now on, i will be prepared days ahead of time for chemistry.

in other news, i should be picking out a car today, i'm kinda leaning towards impala, and i think my dad is to. but the sebring was very nice too.

well after this test, and my physics class, i will come home, shower, write one more paragraph on my paper...and be done with this week.

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hmm [05 Feb 2003|11:27am]
[ mood | exanimate ]

everything has fallen into a great place for me. although i'm having one of the busiest weeks i've had in a very long time. physics test, chem test, italian test, italian vocab quiz, 5 page paper for brit lit on hamlet...and amidst all this i'm supposed to research cars, as in test driving and trying to haggle with salespeople. that's not exactly torture, but i really don't have too much extra time during the afternoon. no complaints though, i just took my physics test, and it could have gone a little better, but not by much, so i'm happy. and the italian vocab quiz yesterday wasn't too bad. tonight i have to start that stupid paper though, which i know is going to be 5 pages of carly babbling. hopefully, it will be insightful and knowledgable babble though.

i'm on a real high these days, because i have nothing to complain about. i could i guess find random picky things, or complain about studying...BUT no need to. things are going so well right now, i just want to take it all in, and appreciate it for once. i have the best friends anyone could ask for, and great parents who care so much about me, and i have a really wonderful guy in my life. so i'm counting my blessings...

jay said at lunch yesterday i looked like i'd been hit with a happy stick. =D

my dad took my sister he wants to take us to cancun for spring break...my jaw dropped...i'm gonna ask if i can brings friends =D i've never ever ever had like, a really family vacation, unless it was visiting relatives in Holland, which was great, but just different. maybe jae will forsake the slopes to get some sun with me =D.

ok ok enough happy talk.

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sweetness follows [03 Feb 2003|03:03am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

i'm the happiest girl in the world right now.

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